About Instruments of Antiquity

A unique mix of research, experimentation, teaching, and collaboration create more than just beautiful looking and sounding instruments.  Our mission is to also encourage understanding and promote the renaissance of the field of early period music and the tools that created it.

What We Do, and Why

Our instruments are as unique and individual as those who commission and play them, each researched, designed and crafted by hand in the same process used since the beginning of time, fitting the instrument to the individual who will be playing it instead of just following accepted standard patterns.  We are more than just builders, we consider ourselves experimental amateur musical anthropologists - in other words, we don't just build, we build with an understanding of time and place, and we strive to deliver not a modern instrument dressed up in period clothing, but a true period instrument that delivers the appropriate sound and expression capabilities. 

Built just for you, and at a price that will surprise you.

What began as an opportunity for friends to gather and experiment musically soon turned into a teaching shop, and a few of these friends started to exhibit and educate.  Today our Northwest Arkansas shop is still active as a teaching center as well as our production facility.  After years of development instrument experiments and development, we made the decision to expand our activities and today we proudly offer those who love period music, from beginner to professional performer, a new option when looking for tools to make music.

Instruments of Antiquity is not in the business of producing manufactured musical machines, we use a process of creative collaboration with the client to design and produce one of a kind instruments.  Our clients crave individuality as much as quality in their instruments, and we provide both.

So no matter what your need... An ancient musical instrument for performance, movie or play... An example for your classroom... Or just a beautiful daily player that is as unique and interesting as you are... We will work with you to produce just what you've been dreaming of.

Of course, we stand behind our work.  We are confident that once we put our work into your hands, it will become a cherished favorite, with a place of honor in the home and on the road, and we expect that when cared for properly our instruments will last generations. 

We look forward to working with you to bring your vision to life, so take the first step and contact us.  You will be glad you did.