Didn't see it?

It would be impossible to show all of the instruments that have come from our shop.  Many were built as prototypes, no real concern was given to pretty photographs of the completed project, many have vanished into the ether.  Some disappeared with their owners or builders, others are somewhere in a holding pattern, being lent from person to person.  And some are so special they remain our own secret gems.

We have developed a process for taking instruments not only from imagination, but from documentation, and creating working, good sounding instruments.  You won't believe how many of our projects start with something like "I was on vacation to Norway this summer, and I came upon this little 12th century stave church, and painted on the alter was a picture of an Angel playing this odd shaped box with some strings using what looked like feathers.  See?  I took a picture.  Can you build me one?"  And most of the time, we can.  So if you have an idea, have seen something that inspires you, give us a ring or drop us a line, we'll have a conversation and you might be surprised.

We base our instruments on archaeological evidence, historical art and written documentation, but we do not replicate these instruments.  Instead, we choose to take what we know from these sources and our own experience, mix in the imagination of the customer, occasionally add in a drop of technological magic, and create what an instrument builder of this era would have created, a unique piece for his client.  So drop us a message or give us a call.  We promise, we won't charge to answer your questions.